Do you want to learn to sail? While the best way to learn to sail is by just getting out there in a boat, here you'll find a selection of books that can help you learn everything from the basics of sailing and boat handling, to navigation, boat maintenance and equipment, to the best places to charter a sailboat.

Charter and Flotilla Handbook

In the world of charter there is something for everyone. So in Part 1 the authors look at all the options: crewed charter, bareboat charter and flotilla sailing. They discuss types of boats, where to go and what to expect when you get there. In short, they'll show you how to match your idea of a good holiday to one of the many on offer.

In Part 2 you'll learn the skills that go to make a good skipper, plus everything an inexperienced crew needs to know. Soon, your teem will be able to approach a crowded jetty with confidence, clear a fouled anchor and reef under way.

Part 3 will keep you out of trouble. It details how to keep watch, navigate, master tidal waters and use the VHF radio. Plus how to cope with potential problems and emergencies afloat.

  • Choosing the perfect holiday
  • Planning your route
  • Handling the boat
  • Keeping out the trouble
  • Protecting your holiday

No Shoes Allowed

"BECAUSE I'M THE CAPTAIN, I GET TO SLEEP WITH KATE TONIGHT!" Yachties and Millionaires, some well known and famous, mingle, match or clash, often with hilarious results. This book is filled with stories of the colourful characters who play their role in a collection of anecdotes set in a unique, Caribbean culture. Join the author during his escapades as owner and skipper of the luxury charter yacht Ring Andersen. Raving reviews! Now in it's third edition! On the highly recommended list of the best nautical sellers!

The Author was born in Holland and roamed the 7 seas while serving in the Dutch and British merchant marine before coming to Canada. He alternates his residence between Grenada and Vancouver and is a regular contributor of short stories and articles on boating for various magazines.

"Sage words on life and business. This book is a wonderful read if you have been to the islands or not. Insight is given on the charter industry and the personal relationships involved in such a job. Mr. DeGroot is a smart and amicable guy. Obviously this is his first book and the writing is a bit stiff at the beginning, but don't give up he loosens up and turns into a wonderful story teller. Highly recommend this entertaining read! And then don't stop till you are done with the second book! "

Chartering a Boat

An ideal introduction for the novice traveler, and an invaluable reference for the seasoned charterer, Chris Caswell's Chartering A Boat: Sail And Power provides a comprehensive explanation of everything necessary for the successful selection and chartering of a boat whether for business or for pleasure, a day cruise or a round-the-world excursion. Whether the reader seeks to bareboat (chartering solo), or with a skippered (crewed) vessel; or with a group (flotilla); there is a charter to suit individual interests and needs.

Chartering A Boat is a completely "user friendly" compendium of advice on everything from selecting the right crusijng area to dealing with problems common to chartering, to choosing good company, to paying the right price for services received. If you are anticipating chartering any kind of vessel, your first step is to read Chris Cawell's Chartering A Boat!

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